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HookedOnBaits 2016 VideoAnnouncing the #HookedOnBaits 2016 video!Join the Hooked On Baits team at the stunning Etang De Mimi lake in France. We take a look at the product range, rigs, and various edges for fishing with particle!Consultant Keith Williams will be doing a talk about French Adventures on Saturday and Sunday at the Brentwood Carp Show so be sure not to miss it!

Posted by Hooked On Baits on Monday, 1 February 2016

If you are reading this then the chances are you’ve decided to try particle baits in your fishing, well many years ago Del started along the very same journey. After months of trying ready prepared products and playing around with his own mixes, Del decided he would put together the ultimate particle himself.

After years of trying different temperatures and adding the ingredients at different times within the cooking process, Del finally started to achieve the kind of results he was looking for.

To start with he was just preparing baits for his own fishing, but soon after friends became aware of the results he was having and before he knew it Del was making baits for everyone on the lakes he fished.

Further trials and tests took place with not only Del doing the testing but also the many anglers that were now using the baits. Del finally settled on a method of preparation and a select few suppliers and now produces the highest quality particle for his customers

With the popularity of Dels particle increasing each day, Hooked On Baits was now born and a range of naturally prepared particle that the fish just can’t resist.

Take a look through our site and for more information contact us at [email protected]